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Welcome to Bond Madison Water Company!

We provide clean potable water to our
members at the lowest possible cost.

Pay your bill

No Charge to Pay Your Bill Online with Bank Account Info or with your Debit or Credit Card. Accepting Discover, MasterCard and Visa. As of 3/1/22 NO Longer Accepting American Express.Call the Office to get your Log In and to set up your BMWC password. Meters will be read on or about the 25th of each month. Payment will be overdue the MORNING of the 18th day of each month. There will be a ten percent (10%) late charge added to each bill that is unpaid after the due date.

To Start service

Click on above icon to access transfer form. Please fill out in its entirety, initial where indicated, sign and please mail back to us or you may put it in our nightly drive thru drop box. (You may skip the section/township info) The $ 25.00 transfer fee will be included in your first month’s billing. Completed form can be emailed to [email protected], but THE ORIGINALLY SIGNED FORM MUST be received in our office for our files. If this originally signed form is not rec’d in our office within 10 days of service start, We will lock the meter/turn water off until the originally signed form is rec’d in the office.

Report a problem

During business hours, to report a Non-Emergency Leak or Water Waste, please send email to [email protected] For any emergency situation, please call Marty at Phone#618-593-6225. Email is not monitored after work hours.

March 28, 2023

It is with deep regret that I must forward this information. I was contacted late afternoon last Thursday, March 23, 2023, by Joe Ahlvin, Illinois American Water Company’s Senior Operations Manager for their Southern Division. Mr. Ahlvin called to inform me that IAWC has filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission for the ability to apply three separate surcharges to the Bond Madison Water Company billing each month. Mr. Ahlvin previously communicated to me that there would not be any surcharges the remainder of 2023 due to the ICC approving their recent request for a rate increase. Historically, when they are granted a rate increase, these surcharges are reset to zero for the remainder of the year that the rate increase went into effect. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though that is the case this year. IAWC increased the rates that Bond Madison pays by 27% in February 2023.

The surcharges they are requesting are titled Qualifying Infrastructure Plant Surcharge (QIP), Volume Balancing Adjustment (VBA), and the Invested Tax Surcharge (ICT). According to the “unconfirmed” information that I have researched on the ICC website, these surcharges could equate to approximately 14% additional expense to BMWC. IAWC filed for these surcharges on March 20, 2023, and if accepted, will go into effect April 1, 2023. The Illinois Commerce Commission docket numbers for the surcharges are as follows:

Qualifying Infrastructure Plant Surcharge: P2023-0213

 Volume Balancing Adjustment: P2023-0233

Invested Tax Surcharge: P2023-0232

I have reached out to a few of our elected officials, House of Representative from District 109, and Illinois Senator from District 55. I have also commented on the specific docket numbers on the ICC website. I am asking, as members of Bond Madison Water Company, to “File A Comment” in each of the public comments sections. I apologize for the very short notice, but I’m hoping we can get our concerns heard and have a positive effect in this situation.   Respectfully,                    Marty Landmann (Operator/Manager)   


BMWC Rate Increase Effective 2/1/23

The Bond Madison Water Company Board of Directors voted at the January 9, 2023, board meeting to increase water usage rates. This increase is a result of the 27% increase that the Illinois Commerce Commission has approved for our supplier, Illinois American Water Company, as well as many other increased costs to treat and deliver water. The increase that we have received from Illinois American Water Company will result in more than $390,000 of additional water purchase expense.  

The new rates will take effect on your February 1st billing

Minimum Monthly Payment (Access Charge) $30.00

First 25,000 gallons           – $9.60 per 1000 gallons

25,000 – 50,000 gallons   – $6.53 per 1000 gallons

50,000 – 100,000 gallons – $5.93 per 1000 gallons

Over 100,000 gallons        – $5.39 per 1000 gallons 

Billing Examples- 2000 gallons of usage = $49.20 monthly bill

5000 gallons of usage = $78.00 monthly bill  


If you would like to review ICC rate case 22-0210, you may access it by the following link,


Click on above “reports” icon to view your 


or go to Water Education tab on our website and

 drop down to Annual Water Quality Report

or paste this into your browser:

This report is designed to inform you about the quality of water delivered to you over the past year. If you have any questions about this report or concerning your water utility, please contact our water supply operator, Marty Landmann at 618-669-2861 or attend any of our regularly scheduled meetings. They are held at 7:00 p.m. on the second Monday of each month at the Water Company office, 103 Park Street, Pocahontas.

Bond Madison Water Company purchases your water from Illinois American Water Company. This water is piped from the Granite City Water Treatment Plant which receives water from the Mississippi River. The Granite City distribution system also has an interconnection with the East St. Louis distribution system. Water is routinely supplied to the Granite City system through that connection. A source water assessment has been completed by the Illinois EPA and a copy is available upon request by contacting Jamie Gough, Illinois American’s Water Quality Supervisor, at 618-250-8723. To view a summarized version of the completed Source Water Assessments you may access the IEPA website at

IEPA considers all surface water sources of community water supply to be susceptible to potential pollution problems, hence,the reason for mandatory treatment for all surface water supplies in Illinois. Mandatory treatment includes coagulation, sedimentation,filtration, and disinfection.Bond Madison Water Company routinely monitors for contaminants in your drinking water according to Federal and State laws.The first table in this report shows the results of Illinois American’s monitoring for the period of January 1st to December 31st, 2022, at their Granite City supply. Because customers may at times receive water from the East St. Louis supply, the second table contains the monitoring information from that distribution system. The third table includes the system monitoring data for Bond Madison WaterCompany for the same period. 


On October 1, 2021 the United States Postal Service implemented new service standards that increase time‐in‐transit by 1 or 2 days for certain first-class mail, meaning it may take up to 5 days or more to deliver some first-class mail.This change to their delivery window may affect how soon you get your bill card. It may also cause a delay in our company receiving your mailed payment. 

Late payment arrival from the postal system does not constitute late fee forgiveness. Payment will be overdue the MORNING of the 18th day of each month. There will be a ten percent (10%) late charge added to each bill that is unpaid after the due date of the 17th.                                              

Note: Customer’s using bank bill pay. Your bank bill payment check may be cashed, and the money withdrawn from your account, before or after the Bank’s “Deliver By Date”. These check payments are Mailed to us and are due in our office on the 17th to be recognized as an “on time” payment. Bank Bill Payment Checks not received on the 17th of the month will incur a 10% late charge accessed to the account on the morning of the 18th. Late payment arrival from the postal system does not constitute late fee forgiveness. 

2023 BMWC Treasurers Reporting
2023 President Bob Schrumpf Introductions
A Gigantic Crowd at March 7, 2023 Annual Meeting

Bond Madison's Round Up Program

Bond Madison Water has launched this payment round up program modeled after Southwestern Electric Cooperative’s Operation Round-Up. Members choosing to participate in this tax deductible, charitable program will have their monthly bills rounded up to the next dollar. In addition, funds can also be accepted from outside individuals or organizations. The funds collected will be distributed to not-for-profit and charitable organizations in the Water Company’s general service territory. If you wish to participate, call the office, include a note with your next payment or e-mail [email protected]



Thank you to all our generous members who have participated in our Rounding Up for Your Community charitable program. It is now TIME to accept applications to distribute some of the funds that have been collected. Any Not for Profit or Charitable organization can now apply for funds from this special account. Please fill out the application that is linked below. Return to us in regular mail, email or drop off at our office. Applications are currently being accepted. A special committee will review applications and make recommendations to the Board of Directors to distribute the funds. 



Congratulations to our 2023 Round Up Recipients-The Pocahontas Little League, YCM (Bond County Core Community) and Pocahontas School Library.


Congratulations to our 2022 Round Up Recipients-The Simple Room, Bond County Senior Citizens Center Food Pantry, Bond County Humane Society, Pleasant Mound Community Center and Leaps of Love.


Congratulations to our 2021 Round Up Recipients-Bond County Senior Citizens Center, The Simple Room, The Pokey UMC Food Bank, The Pocahontas Little League, Sorento Food Pantry, Pleasant Mound Community Center and Immanual Lutheran Church.

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