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Service Line Tips

Tips for installing your service line   

Tips for installing your service line
≈ The meter is equipped with an 12-18 inch length of one inch polyethylene, Class 200 CTS (Copper tube size) service line extending outside the meter box. This is where you make your connection.
≈ A compression connection with stainless steel inserts (stiffeners) must be used to connect to the 18 inch stub. The recommended fitting is a Mueller 110 Compression Connection or For Meter Box Co., Grip Joint Coupling.
≈ In determining the size of line to use when bringing water into your home, the recommendations are:
o 1 inch diameter line for a distance up to 400 feet.
o 1 ½ inch diameter line for a distance of 400 – 1500 feet.
o 2 inch diameter for a distance over 1500 feet.
≈ Service lines must have minimum working pressure of 160 psi at 73.4 F. and must be constructed of Type K copper, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), or polyethylene.
≈ Service lines must be installed at a minimum depth of 3ft. 6 in.
≈ There must be a shut off valve on user’s side of the meter as per Illinois Plumbing Code requirements. (Preferably inside the home)
≈ The Illinois Plumbing Code requires a thermo-expansion device on all closed systems.
≈ There can be no interconnection between BMWC lines and another water source. The IEPA will not allow us to service any customers who are suspected of interconnection.
≈ Lines must meet requirements of IEPA and the Illinois Department of Health.
≈ Per Illinois Plumbing Code, you may make your own connection. A licensed plumber must make all connections not made by the homeowner himself.
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