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In December, 2016 the Illinois Commerce Commission granted Illinois American Water Company an 11.85% increase in revenue. Because of how Illinois American chose to assign this increase to each rate class, the result was a 15.02% overall increase in Bond Madison’s cost of water with a 21.21% increase in the monthly meter charge.

Due to the Illinois American rate hike, Bond Madison implemented new water rates with the January billing. Though BMWC did not raise rates to their members by 15%, each rate class increased 25 cents per 1,000 gallons. The average customer using 5,000 gallons will see their bill go up $1.25.


Online bill payment became available August 1, 2016. Your account will need to be set up with the office for online payments. This is a fee based system through Pace Payment Systems. Convenience fees are dependent on credit card type or check payment. These convenience fees are collected by Pace at the time of transaction. Bond Madison does not receive any of the processing fees. VISA, MASTERCARD & DISCOVER – Payments up to $55 are $1.50 per transaction. Over $55 are 2.75% per transaction. AMERICAN EXPRESS - Payments up to $60 are $1.95 per transaction. Over $60 are 3.25% per transaction. E-CHECKS up to $500 are $0.99 per transaction.

Annual Meeting Minutes March 7, 2017

Attorney Jeffrey Mollet reported that the 1% quorum had been met with 34 contract holders in attendance.

Don Grimm, Board President, called the 21th Annual Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. The meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Board Member, Bob Schrumpf. Don Grimm then acknowledged Max Kaegy’s 2017 retirement from the Board having served as both President and Vice–President. Retired Director, Denny Willman was also recognized for his past service. Don Grimm introduced members of the Board, Engineer, Legal Counsel, Contractor and employees. He then turned the meeting over to Mike VonderHaar, Secretary of the Board, who provided proof of the Annual Meeting Notice and pointed out that the 2016 Annual Meeting minutes were included on the agenda. Denny Willman made motion to accept the minutes. Kay Zakszewski 2nd. Motion carried.

Don Grimm introduced Tom Eyman, Treasurer of the Board. Mr. Eyman explained the Cashflow and Balance sheet were included on the agenda and any questions could be gone over now or the office could be contacted later. With the financial reports being in good order, Max Kaegy made motion to approve them. Kenny Haller 2nd. Motion carried.

Attorney Jeffrey Mollet gave an explanation of how Illinois American rate increases are derived and how it affects Bond Madison Water Company.

Bob Massa of Juneau and Associates took the floor and reported on the projects BMWC has undertaken to keep the system up to date. Bob Massa, Mr. Mollet, the Board and Sandy then took questions from the floor.

Attorney Jeffrey Mollet presented the slate of nominees and explained voting procedure. Incumbents Brent Whittaker, of Bond County and Randy Haukap of Madison County are each running for a 3-year term. Lawrence Schwarz has been nominated by the Village of Grantfork for a 3-year term representing the bulk users-Only bulk users will vote. All Bond County and Madison County candidates are running unopposed. Mr. Mollet asked for a motion to accept the slate as presented. Lou Simpson made motion to accept. Denny Willman 2nd motion. Motion carried. Mr. Mollet asked for a vote by acclamation. Kay Zakszewski so moved. Kevin VonderHaar 2nd motion. Motion carried. Lawrence Schwarz was presented as unopposed nominee for bulk water representative. Mr. Mollet asked for a motion from the bulk users to accept the nomination. Don Grimm of Hamel so moved. Darren Apken of Marine 2nd. Mr. Mollet asked for a vote by acclamation by Bulk Users. Don Grimm of Hamel so moved. Darren Apken of Marine 2nd. Motion carried. President Don Grimm asked if there was any unfinished business. None stated. Any new business? None stated. Kay Zakszewski made motion to adjourn meeting. Denny 2nd. Meeting Adjourned.

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